101 3rd Ave West Nokomis SK

Day Trip Opportunities:

Nokomis is situated in Central Saskatchewan in one of the province’s finest and most prosperous regions. It offers a strong local economy and combines the amenities of rural life with easily accessed city conveniences. The proximity of Nokomis to larger centers and regional parks provides for a variety of recreational, entertainment, and cultural activities. Residents of Nokomis also take pride in having “the best water in the west!”

The Town of Nokomis offers excellent incentives for business development; if you’re considering starting something new or expanding an existing business, please contact the town’s administration office.

Through a commitment to growth, Nokomis has connected to the fastest internet circuit in Saskatchewan offering speeds of up to 2.5Gb/second for both download and uploads protected by triple redundancy.  Residents and businesses can rest assured that Nokomis’ robust infrastructure can accommodate their digital connection needs.
This level of connectivity makes Nokomis one of the best connected little towns in Canada amidst a simple and relaxed environment.

Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance article – Click this link to read SEDA

The Town of Nokomis Administration Building is located at 101 3rd Ave West.

The Regular office hours are:

Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


“Homesteaders came to the Last Mountain valley area which later became known as Nokomis because of the lure of cheap land, because they wanted to escape overcrowding or oppression, or because they were in search of adventure and new horizons. Following the work of surveyors, the area was opened for homesteading in 1904.”

—Edythe Humphrey


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Nokomis has a 9 hole -sand green golf course

Visit Nokomis District Museum – Preserving the past for the future!